The Toyama PTF will conduct a public offering,as noted below,for TBs to participate in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Torch Relay as it traverses Toyama Prefecture.

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Toyama Prefecture Task Force(PTF)


The Olympic flame is seen as a symbol of peace and hope.

For the host nation, the Olympic flame, lit by the rays of the sun in ancient Olympia, Greece, is one of the most powerful symbols of the Olympic Movement, and will be carried around the nation by a relay of torchbearers(TBs).

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Tokyo2020 Olympic Torch Relay Route Information

3-4 June 2020 Toyama Prefecture

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2-14, Azumicho, Toyama-shi
Toyama Prefecture Torchbearer Recruitment Office
Kitanippon Square Chuokan 3rd Floor

Mon-Fri 11:00~19:00 Sat-Sun, Natioal holidays 9:00~17:00

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This office does not contact individuals by phone to recruit or obtain personal information. If you receive any suspicious calls, we advise you to stop responding immediately and refrain from providing any personal information, such as your contact information, via phone.

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